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The legendary Polo GT commands the kind of respect that doesn't come easy. Its revolutionary TSI engine strikes the perfect balance between power and consumption. While the 6-speed AT offers a seamlessly smooth gearshift, letting you blaze down the road at 110PS power and 175Nm torque.

We’re bringing back the #PowerToPlay with the Polo GT TSI.

Power. What is power? Power is impossible to describe, it can only be experienced. The feeling of having your hair as you hit the pedal. The constant rush of adrenaline. The fun that comes with power isn’t always easy to find. But with the Polo GT, power comes standard.

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Power under the hood

1L TSI Petrol

Maximum power, minimum consumption
The Polo GT TSI’s engine has been designed and calibrated with utmost precision, ensuring you get the best fuel economy while still giving you every bit of power that you need on the road!

TSI Technology

Our TSI engine is a high functioning combination of being energetic and economical - two characteristics that do not generally work together in conventional petrol engines.

An amalgamation of Stratified Direct Fuel Injection( FSI), downsizing and turbocharging help it in delivering power and torque packed high-tech units with low consumption.


Built to stand out



Your Safety. Our Priority

Being in power is also about being in control

Your safety is our priority and so the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI features a range of safety features.

Airbags as standard

We’ve got your back and your front of course. Equipped with dual-front Airbags as standard, the Polo GT TSI is the safest premium hatchback in its segment.

Galvanised steel body

Sit nestled comfortably as you ride in a Galvanised Steel Body, that’s enclosed by a laser-welded roof. It’s as safe as can be.

ABS as standard

Ensure you get traction and control when you want to stop, without losing control or fearing unnecessary lag.